Ghost Truck

During my residency at YMCA Camp Colman there was never a dull moment. Dullness was like peanut butter - somebody was bound to be allergic to it and so we banned it. We kept occupied with art projects like wax anti-carrots, paint-dodge-ball, smashing old food to paint on audience members, tie-dying cookstaff aprons and of course the now infamous paper-mache truck dubbed the "Ghost Truck" in the Slog.

Lucas Deon Spivey with YMCA Camp Colman, Ghost Truck, 2009
(Photo Courtesy of the Stranger)

After the summer was over I had to bring all the projects back to Seattle for the Y in your eYe show at the Ver(a)rt Gallery Oct 6th. I knew that even the biggest project would have to fit in my truck. That's how the idea came in the first place: let them paper-mache the moving apparatus.

 Ghost Truck, 2009

So we coated the truck with vegetable oil and seran-wrapped it and then began layering it with reclaimed out-dated dot-matrix printer paper rolls. The kids loved it and we listened to a lot of Michael Jackson in the driveway. I began to wonder what would happen if I drove the canvas at highway speeds.

Ghost Truck, 2009

So I chopped some holes for the radiator for it to breathe and carved out the lights and turn signals to function legally. Screwing the license plates over the paper helped secure it in place but as soon as I hit 40 MPH the roof ripped in half. Then I was pulled over by Officer Edwards for obstruction of vision.

Turns out I had expired tabs and expired insurance... three tickets later I finished driving to the emissions testing station. Yes my pipes are clean and I not only have the documentation from the state of Washington I also have the "Clean Award" from aLIVe (a Low-Impact Vehicle exhibition) to prove it. The truck was also in The Critical Eye show at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery curated by Robert Yoder.

Lucas Deon Spivey, the Y in your eYe, 2009

Come to the Y in your eYe show at the Ver(a)rt Gallery in the Vera Project. The reception on October 6th is mostly for family and friends, but the show will be up through October 27th.