Light Comes with Darkness

Last Thursday evening outside of the Scott Fife show at Platform Gallery I bumped into Shaun Kardinal wearing an open-faced sandwich board and holding strips of black and white. He asked if I was interested in the light. I know Shaun well enough to know that he isn't completely insane but I'm sure parents were pulling their children out of his reach when he started waving what looked like paint color samples to the crowd for $5.00. I asked Shaun what he was talking about.

He explained to me that he had been in a wonderful mood recently because he had reached a level of balance, fullness and acceptance (my words not his - I didn't write this all down). In short he was feeling really really good. But as much as he tried to hold onto this balance, fullness and acceptance it just slowly inevitably slipped away and he felt despair (my word not his).

So why sticks of black and white? He said he realized that darkness comes with light. And so he asked if I'd like to purchase some light for $5.00 and that he would throw in the darkness for free. I get it - the rose comes with the thorns. And when he charged $5.00 he wasn't just asking for cash he was expanding the connecting concept further - everybody wanted what he had but nobody wanted to pay for it.

Light = cool strips of black and white
Darkness = negative five US dollars

I took neither (because I'm unemployed) but others took the deal. Great job Shaun.