Interaction: Whether you like it or not

Interaction is nothing new to the realm of art. Now interactive is a cliché, almost a requirement. In an art climate where boundaries are continually pushed, if I can't interact with your work then I'm leaving.

But it doesn't seem fair for me to judge interactivity without a standing definition of what interactive art is.

Interactive art: any visual art that acknowledges the physical presence of Lucas Spivey. Most art fits in this category. However many people have loose morals about the sanctity of art and will interact whether or not you intended it.

Reece Terris, Ought Apartment, 2009

This is the Reece Terris' Ought Apartment at the Vancouver Art Gallery, a six-story apartment with each floor representing a decade 50's to present. This is a montage of the 80's floor; yes you can use the stair-master and I'm sure there was a thigh master just upstairs in the 90's.

Oliver Bucklin, Join Hands, 2009

Last month, for his BFA thesis Oliver Bucklin suspended a double nylon parachute from the ceiling of the CMA Gallery. The piece Join Hands was sucked and blown by the gallery's ventilation system causing a expansion and contraction of the space. Two hand panels on either side of the gallery split the fans circuit and the piece was activated each time the audience held enough hands to cross the gallery and connect the circuit. It's flu season... perhaps Wash Hands?

Nikki Lau, My 5th Birthday, 2009
(Photo courtesy of Medicine Agency)

Nikki Lau's My 5th Birthday: interactive. It's an entire living room piñata at the Medicine Agency in San Francisco- how the hell did she do this? See the video of it's creation and destruction here.

Peter Bonde Becker Nelson, Former Best Friends Forever, 2009

Peter Bonde Becker Nelson wedged his 1987 Chevy Tahoe into the Gallery4Culture last October. You could hop in the truck while it played back audio; all part of Peter's Former Best Friends Forever show including a desktop computer video-chatting with you. But not all art acknowledges the physical presence of Lucas Spivey - just good stuff. Some artwork is so innocuous and heady that it offers no approach whatsoever to me.

Sol Hashemi, Untitled (Lucky Sculpture), 2009

This is Sol Hashemi's Untitled (Lucky Sculpture), a piece for grabs in Punch Gallery's all-art-raffle last October. In keeping with the aforementioned, standing definition of interactive art, Hashemi offers no relationship between me and the work - so I had to sneak a smooch for good luck in the raffle.

Isamu Noguchi, Black Sun, 1969

That's a blueberry bagel from Noah's Bagels and Isamu Noguchi's Black Sun at Volunteer Park in Seattle. I didn't feel like kissing anything in Volunteer Park; where there is far more than the flu coating most O-shapes. It's not a celestial body, it's a big wrinkly donut and you can crawl into it.