And the winner is me!

Being judged by 2,876 people never felt so good.  Now I can get back to my award winning life, my award winning breakfast, my award winning modesty, etc.

When I started this blog back in 2009 (it was just Meaning in Art then) I wanted to write about local artists that I felt weren't being written about  enough or at all.  At the time I lived in Seattle and our only paid art critic was Jen Graves for The Stranger.  Doing the math, I realized one or even a dozen paid writers could never cover all of the artists and exhibitions in Seattle.  So it made more sense to start our own things and cover what we could.

Writing about art is a great way to get others to be enthusiastic about making and seeing art, to help artists evaluate their work, to add a line in their bibliography, and even to make a few friends.  Now I live in Boston and the same thing is happening here - my piece about Ian Jeffrey and Wayne Stoaks' show at Anthony Greaney Gallery won the People's Choice award for Essay by a Local Writer about Locally-Made Art.  I'd like to thank Greg Cook and The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research for hosting the awards ceremony but most of all I want to thank all the bloggers that are contributing to our local communities.  

Thank you!