I had some folks ask me how to set up DIY lighting in your home for a pop up gallery. Here's some examples of how to work with what you've got. It's all about effect vs distraction; if you can get the effect you want with minimum distractions, your audience goes along with it and can focus on the artwork.

VANILLA STYLE (Just a bulb in a fixture)

Graham Downing, Surface to Area, 2011, Styrofoam, nails, string, tape
Vignettes, Seattle WA

CLAMP LAMP (Flexible and directable)

Anthony Palocci Jr., 2012, Brooklyn NY
Amanda Browder, Cyclone, 2008, Green Lantern Gallery, Chicago IL
The Big Bang, 2012, [Space], Beverly MA

ON THE FLOOR (Set it and forget it)

Ben Waterman, Noah Grussgott, Robert Yoder, The Louder the Sun, 2010
Micheal Peck Space, Seattle WA, image courtesy of Robert Wade
Jake Cassevoy, Cash for your Trash, 2011, mixed media and found objects
17 COX, Beverly MA
Personally I have no preference.  Just minimize the glare, watch the shadows, tuck the cords and have a good show.  Note: all of these spaces are residential, apartment, pop-up or alternative galleries