Fixing A Hole: Dispatchers Worldwide Hits Beverly

Dispatchers Worldwide at Mingo Gallery and Frame, Beverly MA
On Sunday, September 2, crews of all ages gathered at Montserrat College of Art, First Parish Church, Mingo Gallery and Frame, Studios at Porter Mill, and 17 Cox Gallery and began repairing the buildings with Legos. The event was part of the exhibition "Start Over" at 17 Cox, which brought Dispatchers Worldwide to Beverly. Dispatchers Worldwide is a project started by Dutch artist Jan Vormann in 2007, and has 'patched' new and ancient structures across the world, from Europe, Asia, Australia and North and South America.
Dispatchwork from Bocchignano, Italy - more here
"Dispatchwork aims to seal fissures in broken walls worldwide, completing the material compilation in urban constructing and adding color to the urban greyscales, by inserting a very basic construction-material: Plastic Construction Bricks (PCBs)." - From Dispatchers Manifesto

In addition to adding PCBs to Beverly structures, I designed some vinyl "brick" stickers to build with.  These were made in Adobe Illustrator and printed in 8 colors - special thanks to Andy Bablo at Steez Mini Mag for printing these up.  It's not exactly "patching" but it was equally colorful, interactive and beautifying.  See my initial trial run in a previous blog entry.

 Vinyl brick stickers at Studios at Porter Mill, Beverly MA
17 Cox's current exhibition,"Start Over", is a cross-section of 'revisionists': people whose occupation requires a constant striking and revising, and features Boston area artists, Fish McGill, Dave Tolmie and Anthony Montouri. Artists, urban planners and gamers, to name but a few, are required to build, debuild and rebuild as they adapt to new problems. Dispatchwork actually draws attention to the initial problem, but in a beautiful way.  For the exhibition, Anthony Montuori designed impossible video games: in "Debtris" and "Adventures of Sisyphus", winning is temporary and purpose is monotonous. In addition to four of Montouri's arcade style video games, artists Fish McGill and Dave Tolmie completed a collaborative two story mural inside the 17 Cox Gallery, continually editing each other out and "starting over".  

Check out the stop motion video!