ART MASH: Worcester Art Museum and Holy Cross

Tableaux Vivant, 2011
Worcester Art Museum, Worcester MA

I'm a year late on the hype, but I wanted to repost this for everyone.  Tableau Vivant translates to 'living picture' in French. What a novel community event, mixing a college theater and costume design with an art museum.  Enjoy!

Nikolas Markantonatos from the website:

Kurt Hultgren, costume designer in the Holy Cross theatre department, created all the highly-detailed costumes faithfully reproduced from the original artwork, including Frank Benson's 1907 "Portrait of My Daughters," El Greco's "The Repentant Magdalen" (about 1577), and the famous late 17th century New England portraits of "Mrs. Elizabeth Freake and Baby Mary."

From Holy Cross' website