17 Cox at 3 Years: Start to Finish!

One of the first 17 Cox logos featuring the "goat-ster" by Chelsea Sams
A "goat-ster" is part goat for our "Goat Hill" neighborhood and part rooster or "cock"
Three years ago, I decided to take a big financial and emotional risk and dedicate my discretionary time and income to a project called 17 Cox.  I moved from Seattle and put together an intentionally small and efficient gallery, library and residence off a back road in a the quaint New England town of Beverly Massachusetts.  Well it's been a long strange journey since first stepping inside the 17 Cox Court building on September 26, 2010.  On that day I had no idea what I would do with this 1600 sq ft space, all I knew is that I wanted to do something unique and important in Beverly.  Pretty soon a little project turned into a community endeavor, bigger than I ever thought possible!  Three years later, enthusiasm is stronger than ever. And now I feel that it's just a good time to wrap up the 17 Cox legacy. This may come as a surprise to some but we will be closing 17 Cox on May 31, 2014.  I'll be graduating with my MBA next summer and gearing up for the next project (and I'm not revealing any more than that).

To date, 17 Cox has worked with 200+ artists, compiled over 1200 titles in our library, raised $4000 for the Japanese Red Cross and been reviewed by Art New England, Big, Red and Shiny, ArtThrob, WBUR, NPR, Boston Globe and many more.   We've been a helpful catalyst for projects including [Space]Mellow Pages Library, the Beverly Art WalkIdea Factory and others.  Over the years we've had a dozen staff members and over a hundred volunteers, all of whom were generously unpaid and totally unstoppable.  Our mission was always to improve artists' careers and staff careers.  Our artists and curators have gone on to new exhibitions, awards and appointments and our staff have gone on to promising careers as artists, curators and arts professionals.  17 Cox was always a team effort between hard working staff and hard working artists - thank you all so much!  With the local community, we overhauled our building adding and subtracting walls, adding lights, a balcony, painting the entire building and even planting a few flowers.

It's important to remember that 17 Cox was a small project that was never intended to be lucrative, instead of making money it redirected the spare time of the local community into a regional showcase for visual artists.  We should all be super proud of the many unique, memorable moments that happened in this space.  Thank you again and again and again for this one-of-a-kind experience.  Stay tuned for a closing reception on May 1, 2013 and meanwhile follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Vimeo.

How else could we possibly celebrate but with an animated gif sequence from the early days?

Jake Cassevoy rocking the new walls

Maggie Cavallo and Kate St. Cyr testing out the floor space

Building the 17 Cox Library one book at a time!

Let's tear this mothah out!

17 Cox - A Brief Timeline

October 1 - Lucas moves in and begins his many lonely nights of renovations
October 2 - Lucas wakes up, weeps, calls friends to help him
November - Chelsea Sams is our first artist in residence
December 18 - First Art Luck!  Bring a dish to pass and a work of art to hang!

February 19  - Art's Not Dead 2 shows 69 artists and 10 performances
March 1 - Jake Cassevoy and Kevin Quinn's Post No Bills opens with a skate jam
April 5 - Play At Work exhibits 11 Montserrat College of Art alumni
April 19 - Japan Quake Relief raises $4000 for Japanese Red Cross
May 5 - Good Work(s) opens alongside the Improbable Places Poetry Tour
June 18 - A screening of Super 8 films entitled The Infinite Format
July 20 - Our first Artist in Residence Jacob Perkins' reception for Tangible Polygons
August 8 - Aaron Colantti and Rob K-S host the first Idea Factory at Montserrat College of Art
August 10 - Artists in residence Colantti and K-S open The Desert of the Black Cross
September 11 - Curator in Residence Kris Anderson brings abandoned art for Adoption
October 17 - Kylie Alexander's Continuity hosts a round table called See.Say.Speak
October 20 - Idea Factory #2 takes place at Lincoln Arts Project
December 3 - Performances by PC//MM and Peter Alexander for Hear.Feel.Fear
December 18 - Art Luck Part Deux!  Bring a dish to pass and a work of art to hang!

January 30 - Johnny Adimando's solo exhibition To The MoON
March 8 - Performance Lab with {the collective} on a full moon
March 21 - Idea Factory #3 takes place at Kingston Gallery
April 24 - Waffles and beer are served for the You Are Here! reception
May - A shack is raised by local collective [Space] in homage to Beverly homeless
June 23 - You Are Here! exhibition ends with a bon fire and and fire dancing
August 10 - Start Over opens to a rained out reception :(
September 2 - Several Beverly venues partipate in Dispatchwork
November 1 - The 'invest-ibition' for the #20FTSANTA opens with review from NPR
December 24 - Money is raised to purchase a new 'santa' for the owners of the stolen #20FTSANTA

February 7 - Vestments opens with Ingrid de Aguiar Sanchez, Jess Anderson and Julia Csek√∂
April 4 - An evening of spoken word and poetry closes the Vestments exhibition
May 2 - Point of Sale opens with over 600+ works under $5
June 6 - An edifying performance from Zayde Buti
June 17 - 17 Cox collaborates with several artists at The Foundry Equation
August 1 - I've Just Begun to Tell You opens with a reading from Gerald Shea
August 17 - Steez Magazine Release Party...? The one that got away!
September 5 - A reception Randy Garber and Trimpin's automated toy piano
November 7 - Floor van de Velde's solo exhibition Score for a Color Field opens
December 31 - A psychedelic New Year's Eve in the 17 Cox party pad!

Upcoming in 2014
February 6 - April 3 - Amy Archambault's massive site specific intervention opens
May 1 - Art Luck!  The final retrospective infestation of art from 3+ years of 17 Cox artists!

The 17 Cox Family! (in order of appearance)
Lucas Spivey - Founding Director, now Director of Operations
Bradford Rusick - Associate Director
Sara Benson - Exhibitions Intern
Sarah Krizon - Library Intern
Shaina Morales - Registrar
Cecelia Pettigrew - Communications Manager
Elizabeth Woodward - Communications Manager, now Director of Communications
Kyle Gibson - Installer
Brittanny Handiboe - Exhibitions Intern
Grant Archer - Exhibitions Intern
Amy Rodriguez - Event Coordinator
Mackenzie Strong - Installer
Ruby Martinez - Communications Intern
Sarah Johnson - Installer
Matt Altieri - Exhibitions Intern
Jordan Carr - Library Intern