On passing the center

It’s why we attract our opposite culture to anchor our identity. It’s the slow path towards stabilization of all we know. We are bound by inertia, the maintenance of the way things are right now. And as we pass the center and approach an unknown culture we feel a hand on our collar again.

We will slowly unite in cultures. It's inevitable. It will be slow and violent. It will feel fast and controllable. 

Even the most pleasurable introductions will be a tumult. Learning a word in another language will feel substantial; it will be immeasurably small, less than a Higg's boson inside an hourglass. Our discomfort outside our known culture will continue to be achingly dissonant to our strongest beliefs. Yet it will contribute to an undetectable reconciling.

It’s because life grows on Earth where the temperature varies from 30 below zero to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. On Mercury it's over 800 degrees during the day and below 300 degrees at night. Mercury is described as uninhabitable by those who can't inhabit such states, as if an unstable exosphere is not alive. One day we could incorporate a flux of elements into our paradigm of life, or not.

How can we understand something so different?

The furthest cultures are unable to be comprehended. It would be like Trump vs Sanders in 2016. They label them as outsiders. This is not a reactionary label, it’s the correct one. Outliers are at the extent of standard deviation - the farthest stretch of comprehension to the "other" - until they within our new frame of deviation.

It’s why we called it a “miracle” when the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New York Giants when they were down by 21 points with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter. It’s improbable, it’s outside the standard deviation, it doesn't exist comfortably in our concept of the game as we understand it.

The miraculous is often called the mysterious. We are attracted to the different cultures, we are scared or intrigued by their mystery. Biologically, we are prone to notice contrasting noises, colors, sensations; it makes environmental sense to register what is different. And so we are drawn to contrast by instinct. We then respond with mixes of fear and curiosity. So why then do we resist change as we pass center?

It’s the way electrons are charged across the membrane. There is simultaneous attraction and resistance. Will the pull defeat the push? As soon as it does, the task begins in reverse. Again and again, we are attracted by the other culture until repulsed with our traditions. And that’s what every arena was built to discover. We are a wavelength slowly meting out to a straight line.