Research + Projects on the US Cultural Sector

Lucas Spivey is a business development expert for the cultural sector, researching small to medium enterprises (SME) in the creative and cultural industries (CCI). Spivey advocates that culture and commerce are each limited by a lack of the other's natural advantages, and believes in modeling a healthy merger of culture and commerce. He is conducting research to demonstrate that the natural challenges of each sector are complementary to the other, and that the mid to late 21st century world economy will be dominated by cultural products and experiences. Summarily, his research argues that the cultural sector is limited by a lack of access to capital, intellectual property acumen, and marketing budgets, while commercial ventures are the inverse: limited by a lack of mission enthusiasm, product authenticity, and creative incentives. Further research will identify the government policies, sector attitudes, and legal structures that uphold an antagonistic model of commerce versus culture, in order to develop more sensitive models before the merger accelerates past such an investigation.

Lucas Spivey is currently pursuing a PhD and fellowships to research strategies for SMEs in CCI. He received his MBA in Finance at Endicott College and his BFA in Interdisciplinary Art and Art History at the University of Washington. He completed a Masters Certificate in Emerging Markets at Ipade Universidad Panamerican in Mexico City in 2014. Lucas has developed experiential education and academic programming for MIT, Montserrat College of Art, University of Washington, Boston Center for the Arts and other institutions. He is a Founding Partner in Services Invisible, connecting the creative sector with business services; the founder of the Mobile Incubator, a research program on regional cultural sectors; and the Founding Director of 17 Cox, an experimental arts center.

Originally from Minneapolis, a long time resident of Seattle, and currently based in Boston, Lucas travels extensively around the US working intimately with cultural SMEs.