The Mobile Incubator has traveled 15,000+ miles to meet with entrepreneurs across the United States visiting universities, innovation districts, maker spaces, civic and economic development orgs, enterprise centers, business parks and other incubators and accelerators.

The Mobile Incubator itself is a showcase of American creative enterprise. The exterior is a completely overhauled 1957 Shasta camper, an American icon of industrial design by Robert Gray. This particular year has the cleanest curve of any model and the lightning stripe on its side has been replicated by numerous SOBs (Some Other Brand). Shasta sold the largest volume of all trailers in the ‘canned ham’ era of campers 1940s through the 1970s and other companies copied their aesthetic.

The Mobile Incubator has a 200 watt solar system with 250 amp hours of battery power, an 110 volt inverter, a five gallon water tank, a propane stove and fridge (with electric back up) and satellite powered internet. The office contains podcasting equipment, a printer/copier and the table surface can be raised from coffee table height and rotated to a desk angle.

The interior of the Mobile Incubator showcases contemporary design products such as a mosaic table designed by artist Kate Jessop, laser cut signage by Tieton Mosaic and sconces by GrayPants Inc. The upholstery was purchased on a factory tour of Pendleton Woolen Mills, where they have successfully licensed cultural content like Native American designs and visualized the National Parks System into woven blankets and other accessories. The walls of the Mobile Incubator are a 1,000+ piece  hand assembled wooden mosaic. The office was constructed at Mighty Tieton, an artisan business incubator in Central Washington State.

Contact if you would like to bring the Mobile Incubator to your organization.