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A BFA/MBA hybrid, Lucas has spent his life teaching business models to artists, performers, designers, writers, architects, and other cultural producers. Originally from the Midwest, a long time resident of Washington State, and currently based in Boston, Lucas travels extensively around the US in the Mobile Incubator, a solar powered office in a '57 camper trailer towed by vintage Canadian ambulance, sharing public conversations, podcast interviews, exhibitions, livestream workshops on social media, and other collaborations and events. He's a Founding Partner in the consultancy Services Invisible; host of the Culture Hustlers podcast; and the Founding Director of 17 Cox, an experimental arts center. Lucas received his MBA in Finance at Endicott College and his BFA in Interdisciplinary Art and Art History at the University of Washington. Lucas has developed programs for Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Montserrat College of Art, University of Washingt…

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